Walmart Return Policy (Updated for 2020)

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Walmart Return Policy: (Updated 2020)

Whether you shop in the store or at you will want to make yourself aware as to what Walmart’s return policy is and what it applies to.  The Walmart Return Policy can be confusing for even the most seasoned Walmart Shopper. We spent many hours reading and studying Walmart Return Policy to make it easy for anyone to understand. This will help in those rare instances you have a return that you don’t end up with a surprise. In addition to breaking down the Walmart return policy, w even help you maximize your savings with the deals we post in our Walmart Deals section that abides by the Walmart Coupon Policy. Before you tackle making returns at Walmart make sure to review our breakdown of the Walmart Return Policy below to ensure a smooth return so you can exchange the item or get your money back.

Making a Return at Walmart:

Walmart has a flexible return policy for most items purchased from Walmart and for up to 90 days after your purchase. There are a few exceptions on certain items and departments. Below we cover what you need to do to go about returning merchandise at Walmart.


Do I need the original packaging to make a return?

Walmart recommends you keep all manufacturer packaging for 90 days after purchase to make processing returns easier. 

Can you return items purchased on 

Yes. Items purchased from that are both sold and shipped by Walmart can be returned or exchanged at Walmart stores within 90 days unless otherwise listed with their exceptions. Items purchased online at from resellers and dealers and not from directly are not eligible for exchange, return or refund. Replacements may not be available in store for all items.  For items you have purchased from, refer to your purchase history to see the last eligible date for returns and replacements. 

Do you need a receipt to make a return at Walmart?

No. You can return items at Walmart without a receipt within 90 days of purchase in-store. If you do not have a receipt, you can do an exchange, cash or a Walmart gift card depending on the transaction dollar amount and the refund will be given for the current selling price. Walmart does a limited number of returns without a receipt on select items. While the dollar amount accepted may vary by location, generally, you can have up to 3 returns without a receipt within 45 days with a valid ID. Returns over $25 may be given on a Walmart gift card and a photo ID is required. 

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Does Walmart return sales tax on a purchase?

Walmart requires a receipt with a valid transaction number in order to receive a sales tax refund for returned items within the return period in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Can you return or exchange items purchased on

Walmart’s regular return policy does apply to items purchased on and shipped by Walmart. Find directions on how to return a purchase here for how to return an item by mail. If your purchase was shipped through a marketplace seller, different return procedures may apply. Get more information on how to return your item here.

Can you return bill payments or financial service fees at Walmart?

No. Bill payments and the fees related to Walmart’s financial products are not refunded. 

Does Walmart return books, music, movies or video games?

Entertainment items can be returned to Walmart within 90 days if they are not opened or used. If an item is defective, Walmart will allow an exchange of the same item, or you can return with the original manufacturer packaging and a store receipt. Walmart does not return video-on-demand services. All sales from that service are final and non-refundable. 

Can you return electronics at Walmart?

Most electronic items must be returned within 30 days at your local Walmart store. Prepaid cell phones must be returned within a 14 day period. Xbox all access console returns are not accepted at Walmart stores or return centers and must be returned by mail. Print this label at the Xbox All Access Customer Portal. Refunds, trade-ins or exchanges on Xbox will not be accepted. Call 1-888-622-0165 for assistance with Xbox All Access Console returns. 

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Are there items you cannot return at Walmart?

Walmart does not accept returns for intimate massagers, eDelivery software, video game download cards, or fulfilled PINS or minutes of prepaid cellular. 

Funeral products also cannot be returned and refunds or replacements for funeral products will only be given for damaged or defective items. These products cannot be returned at Walmart stores. For assistance, contact Walmart customer care.

Walmart also does not return ammunition, pepper spray, firearms, airguns or BB guns. Other non-returnable items are gas-powered items such as ATV’s, go-karts and mini-bikes. All sales on those items are final. 

Can you return food to Walmart?

Non-perishable foods can be returned to Walmart within 90 days of purchase. Perishable items cannot be returned. If you have a damaged or defective product that is perishable, contact Walmart Customer Care.
If the item in question was purchased with WIC, you can only exchange the product for an identical item and documents allowing the exception are required. Products purchased with SNAP are refunded to your SNAP EBT account and a cash or gift card refund is not allowed. 

Can you return gift cards purchased at Walmart?

No. Gift cards purchased at Walmart stores cannot be returned or refunded except where required by local laws. Keep the Walmart Gift Card or eGift Card email until the gift card is utilized. Visit the Walmart website or check with Walmart Customer Care for more information. 

Can you return plants to Walmart?

Yes. Live plants purchased on and sold by have a 1 year guarantee that includes trees, annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and foliage. If a plant is damaged when you receive it, contact Walmart Customer Care.

Can equipment like generators and pressure washers be returned at Walmart?

Yes. You may return generators and pressure washes within 30 days if you have the original receipt. These items must be empty of any flammable liquids such as gas or oil before you return them to your store. 

Can toys be returned at Walmart stores?

Yes. Most toys can be returned within 90 days at Walmart. Remember when possible return in all original packaging.

Can I cancel installation services from Walmart?

Yes. If you no longer need assistance with installation, this service can be returned within 90 days. To cancel this or other Walmart service plans, contact Walmart Customer care. 

Does Walmart return jewelry and watches?

Walmart does offer returns on watches and jewelry products returned within 90 days. For items less than $300 in value, they can be returned by mail or to the Walmart store where they were purchased with a receipt. If you want to exchange your item, it may only be exchanged for an item at the store where you made your purchase.

Jewelry items over $300 in value are required to be returned by mail and cannot be returned to a local Walmart store. Shipping charges may apply depending on the reason for your return. Contact Walmart Customer Care for more details. 

Can you return medications or prescriptions at Walmart?

No. All sales of prescription drugs, diabetic supplies and products containing Pseudotropine and Pseudoephedrine are final and will not be accepted. For questions on returning prescribed medications, contact the pharmacist at your local store, or if you use the home delivery program, you can contact the facility at 1-800-273-3455.

Can you return a Walmart product care plan?

Walmart’s product care plans can be canceled within 30 days of the original purchase. This return cannot be done in the store. Visit the Walmart website for more information on how to make changes to your plan. 

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Can tires be returned to Walmart?

If tires have not been mounted or used, they can be returned to a Customer Service department at Walmart Stores with Tire and Lube express locations. Walmart will not accept returns on used tires or for snow tires that are in any condition. 

Can you return alcohol or tobacco products at Walmart?

Unopened tobacco and alcohol products can be returned with a receipt and only to the original store where they were purchased.

Can you return sports memorabilia to Walmart?

Any autographed sports memorabilia does require the Certificate of Authenticity in order to process the return. 

Can you return large items such as treadmills or game tables to Walmart?

Large items such as furniture, outdoor play, oversized game tables and treadmills can be returned at your local Walmart store or via freight shipping. To return an item using freight shipping, contact Walmart Customer Care for assistance. Mattresses must be unused and in the original packaging. 

Can you return recalled merchandise at Walmart?

Yes. Merchandise that has been recalled is eligible for a full refund. The packaging or original receipt is not required. In order to process the return, the merchandise must be turned in. Some WIC and SNAP products may have limitations, so check at your local Walmart customer care for more details. 

Due to the current situation, returns may not be allowed on certain items. These terms may change depending on current health conditions and for the most up to date information, visit the return policies page on Walmart’s website for the most current details. Return policies also may vary slightly by state so be sure to confirm the return guidelines for your area. For more information on the Walmart return policy, visit their website here

We hope in those instances you need to make returns that they go smoother thanks to the Printable Coupons and deals Walmart return policy tips and summary. We do our best to make sure to update this post with any changes but always feel free to check Walmart for any new updates we might have missed.

As always if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to respond quickly with an answer.

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