Family Dollar Coupon Policy (Updated for 2020)

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Family Dollar Coupon Policy - Store

Family Dollar Coupon Policy: (Updated 2020)

Using coupons is a great way to save even more money at Family Dollar. Family Dollar stores are coupon friendly and there are lots of ways to save money using coupons on every visit. We know the Family Dollar Coupon Policy can be confusing for even the most avid Family Dollar Shopper. We spent many hours reading and studying the Family Dollar Coupon Policy to make it easy for anyone to understand. We want you to shop at Family Dollar and get the most savings you can on every shopping trip. All of the deals we post in our Family Dollar Deals section that abides by the Family Dollar Coupon Policy, to ensure you have a great Kroger shopping experience.I share with you the Family Dollar coupon guidelines to help you save money on your next visit.

What coupons does Family Dollar accept?

Family Dollar does accept both Family Dollar store coupons and coupons from product manufacturers. Paper coupons and printable coupons that have a valid bar code that can be scanned as well as Family Dollar digital coupons are accepted. Coupons can be used on clearance and sale items for even more additional savings. Watch for orange discount stickers to identify these items throughout the store.

There is a limit of 4 identical coupons per day per household unless specified on the coupon. Coupons can only be used for the items that are described on the coupon. The wording of the coupon specifies what can be included and not the image shown. 

All coupons need to be presented to the Family Dollar cashier at the time of purchase. Coupon offers are available only while product quantities last. Counterfeit coupons are not accepted and all manufacturer coupons must have a scannable barcode. 

Family Dollar Store and Coupons

What are Family Dollar Smart Coupons?

Smart Coupons are digital coupons that can be used per the Family Dollar coupon policy. These smart coupons are easy to redeem during your shopping trips at Family Dollar. These digital coupons are loaded to your account and do not need to be printed. Redeem them at the register when you purchase participating items by entering your phone number.

How to get Family Dollar digital coupons

Family Dollar digital coupons which are also known Smart Coupons can be accessed for free on the Family Dollar website, on the free Family Dollar app, or by texting SMART to the number 28767. You can register to get free Family Dollar Smart Coupons by providing your mobile phone number, first and last name, e-mail and a password. Smart Coupon accounts are limited to two phone numbers per household and only one phone number can be used per transaction.

New Family Dollar Smart Coupons are released regularly and can be identified by the blue banner that indicates that they are new. To find the latest Family Dollar Smart Coupons, click on the drop down menu on the Smart Coupons site or app and select “newest” for the most recent coupons released. New manufacturer coupons and Smart Coupons are added regularly, so be sure to often for new promotional offers. To find the largest savings opportunity for your upcoming shopping trips, search by the Biggest Savings to find the opportunities where you can save the most money.

To use Smart Coupons on your Family Dollar purchase, just digitally “clip”  the coupons prior to checking out by tapping on the image of the coupon you desire. Then, when checking out at the register, enter your phone number to automatically apply the coupons to your purchase. There is not a limit on the number of coupons that can be clipped and coupons will be applied to qualifying items during checkout.

Family Dollar will offer you relevant Smart Coupons based on your individual purchases and shopping history. Clip these offers to apply them to your account. You can also generate a coupon list for shopping that can be printed, accessed online or e-mailed. 

In addition to digital coupons, the Family Dollar app offers SmartSpins for even more ways to save. Earn a spin on SmartSpin during every shopping trip to receive a coupon just for you to save money on your purchase. You will earn a spin for the SmartSpins wheel for every separate purchase and the prizes offered are exclusive coupons only available from this feature. If your Family Dollar app does not include SmartSpins, be sure to check Google Play or the Apple store to update your app or check your phone for available app updates.

Not sure if there is a Smart Coupon available for an item you are purchasing? Use the Family Dollar Smart Coupons app to scan the product’s barcode to see if coupons are available. Remember to use these smart coupons from the app in compliance with the Family Dollar coupon policy. 

Family Dollar Sales and Coupons

Can you stack coupons at Family Dollar?

The Family Dollar coupon policy does allow you to use one Family Dollar coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item in a transaction. This means you can stack a Family Dollar store printable or store Smart Coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon on the purchase of a single item for maximum savings. If there is more than one Smart Coupon available for a particular individual product, the largest discount available will be applied. Some Smart Coupons are manufacturer’s coupons which cannot be stacked with other manufacturer coupons. Be sure to check each individual coupon prior to using for coupon requirements or before stacking with other coupons.

Family Dollar store coupons that offer a discount off purchase such as $5 off a $25 purchase (or similar coupons) are accepted and applied after all other coupons, promotional offers and discounts and as long as the minimum purchase amount is met before taxes. The minimum purchase must be met after all other coupons and before sales tax is applied.

Can you use BOGO coupons at Family Dollar?

Buy one get one free coupons are accepted at Family Dollar, but only one BOGO coupon can be used per offer. You cannot use two Buy One Get One coupons on the same offer to get two items for free.

What coupons does Family Dollar not accept?

Family Dollar does not accept free product coupons, coupons that are greater in value than the price of the item purchased, competitor coupons from other retailers, coupons for products not carried by Family Dollar, expired coupons, manufacturer coupons that do not have a remit address or bottle cap coupons.

Does Family Dollar accept competitor coupons?

No. Family Dollar does not accept competitor coupons per the Family Dollar coupon policy.

Can you price match at Family Dollar?

Family Dollar does not price match competitor ads. They do have great sales and allow you to stack coupons though, that help you save. 

I hope this information and tips help you have successful shopping trips at Family Dollar that keeps more money in your pocket. We hope your shopping trip runs a little smoother thanks to the Printable Coupons and Deals Family Dollar coupon policy tips and summary. We do our best to completely cover the Family Dollar coupon policy but as with all policies, things can change. We will continue to update this as there are significant changes but you can check for yourself here for any new updates we might have missed. We always want you to maximize your savings at Family Dollar and by adhering to the Family Dollar coupon policy you will get the greatest savings when coupons are paired with sales.

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