The 2022 Ulta Beauty Return Policy Guide

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It should be easy to make a return when something goes wrong with a purchase. This is the case at the beauty product store Ulta. Their return policy is pretty straightforward. However, there are a few items and situations that will give you trouble.
That’s where we come into play. We do extensive research on all of the stores we cover to make sure that you’re never left in the dark. In the article below you will learn what can be returned, what can’t be, and how to handle just about any situation you might find yourself in with Ulta. Read on to learn more!

The Guide To Making a Return at Ulta Beauty

How long do I have to return items to Ulta?

Ulta provides a relatively standard and forgiving return policy for all of their products, allowing their customers 60 days to return the majority of their products.
Outside the two-month window, customers with a receipt may still get a refund in the form of store credit. The company does not specify online how long their grace period extends.
Refunds are granted to the original means of payment. However, certain exceptions may be incurred in the event that the customer cannot produce their receipt. In these situations, returns may still be issued at the discretion of the store, for credit or gift cards.
However, it is worth noting that Ulta reserves the right to decline returns in the event that they find the returner to be violating the terms of their return policy. Violations include excessive returning (i.e., making many returns over a short period of time), reseller activity or some other form of fraud.

Do I need the original packaging to make a return?

While it’s definitely preferred, customers don’t necessarily have to produce the original packaging to make their returns. Ulta does require customers to make their returns with all of the included accessories and components, however.

What is Ulta’s return policy for open box items?

Ulta will accept open box items as long as all accessories and components are in serviceable condition and returned together, within 60 days of purchase.

What is Ulta’s return policy for used items (like makeup or foundation, perfumes and fragrances)?

Ulta generally allows customers to return used makeup or fragrances for a full refund if they are able to produce their receipt.

How long do Ulta’s returns take to process?

The time it takes for an Ulta return to be processed may depend on the original method of payment. For example, returns for store credit or gift cards may be processed immediately.
However, if you originally paid for an item with a credit or debit card, your return may take up to ten days to be reflected in your bank statements.

How will I be refunded for my return?

Customers who are able to prove their purchase by producing a receipt or by providing your Ulta Rewards Membership credentials (which can be cross referenced to verify your purchase) will receive returns through their original method of purchase.
If you don’t have a receipt or membership account, it’s still possible to make a return. In these situations, Ulta will provide store credit.

Does Ulta return sales tax on a purchase?

Ulta will refund sales tax on a purchase, though you will have to pay the difference if you exchange for something of higher or lower value.

Are there any items I cannot return to Ulta?

Ulta does not list any specific items that cannot be returned on their website. However, there are situations where they may decline to grant a refund. For example, should an account be flagged for a terms of service violation, Ulta will likely reject the return.
Additionally, Ulta usually will not accept returns on items that have been used excessively. For example, a perfume bottle lacking a few squirts may be accepted, while one that is half empty probably won’t be.

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Are there any return exceptions? Are there any in-store return exceptions?

Ulta does not allow customers to return items purchased online to Ulta Beauty at Target. Additionally, Ulta cannot accept returns on their own products that have been purchased from third party vendors.
In the event that you have experienced an issue with an Ulta item purchased from a third party vendor, you will be subject to their return policies.

What is Ulta’s holiday items and Christmas returns policy?

Ulta does not have a return policy for items that is specific to Christmas. Most of the company’s usual stipulations still apply to returns on gifts and holiday items. The product must be brought in within 60 days of purchase, with some form of proof of purchase necessary for the full value of the refund to be guaranteed.
The one significant difference is that items being returned with a gift receipt will always be processed in exchange for store credit rather than to the original method of purchase. In carrying out their policy this way, the refund is effectively given to the receiver of the gift, rather than the giver.

What is Ulta’s return policy for items purchased online or through their app?

Ulta allows online purchases to be returned in person at any of their physical locations or through the mail. Returns from online or in-app purchases are subject to the same terms that apply to in-person transactions, giving you 60 days from the point of purchase to receive a refund via your original means of purchase.
While full refunds are granted for digital transactions, customers are not reimbursed for the cost of shipping, except in cases where a mistake has been made on the part of the company. This may include situations in which an item has been damaged or an incorrect item has been shipped to the customer.

Can I return items purchased online or through the Ulta app to a store location?

Yes! Ulta allows the return of Ulta app and online purchases both in person or through the mail.

What is Ulta’s makeup return policy?

Ulta allows for makeup returns in the event that the customer was not pleased with how the product looks. However, the company may have follow-up questions if a customer attempts to return a container that is mostly empty.

Can I return items to Ulta without a receipt?

Receipts are the most reliable way to receive a full return to your original method of payment. However, the company also guarantees full returns on purchases that they can verify through their rewards program records.
Without a receipt, refunds may still be granted at the company’s discretion for store credit, after they undergo a check which may require your identification among other pieces of information.

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What is Ulta’s return policy for appliances like flat irons or curling irons?

Ulta’s return policy for flat irons is no different than any of their other products. Customers have up to 60 days after the point of purchase to receive a cash refund. After 60 days, customers with a receipt may still be eligible for store credit at the discretion of the company.

Can you return items that were purchased with coupons?

You can return something purchased with a coupon, less the value of the coupon. The coupon itself will not be returned.

Can I return gifts to Ulta?

Yes! Ulta facilitates the return of gifts in the event that you are able to produce a receipt. Customers with gift receipts will automatically be given a refund in the form of store credit. In the event that you are making your return with a normal receipt, or through store records, the refund will be granted to the original method of purchase unless you request otherwise.

What is Ulta’s perfume/fragrance return policy?

Ulta allows for the return of fragrances from within 60 days after the point of purchase. The store accepts sampled bottles, as well, so you aren’t stuck with something you don’t like.

Can I return items purchased with a gift card?

Items that have been purchased with a gift card can be returned at Ulta per their regular terms and conditions. However, gift cards themselves cannot be returned for cash.

Will I lose points when I return items at Ulta?

Customers do lose the points they earned from a purchase upon the point of their return.

Do I get my points back if I return an item purchased with points?

According to Ulta, points used to make a purchase will be immediately refunded to your account after you make your return.

We hope in those instances you need to make returns that they go smoother thanks to the Printable Coupons and deals Ulta Beauty return policy tips and summary. We do our best to make sure to update this post with any changes but always feel free to check Ulta Beauty for any new updates we might have missed.

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