Walmart Return Policy (Updated for 2022)

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Whether you shop in the store or at you will want to make yourself aware as to what Walmart’s return policy is and what it applies to. Like all retail stores, Walmart has its own unique approach to how it handles coupons and returns. Everything from the condition it’s in to the time to the date it was bought to its product category can have an impact on what it takes to get your money back. In addition to breaking down the Walmart return policy, we even help you maximize your savings with the deals we post in our Walmart Deals section that abides by the Walmart Coupon Policy. It’s easy to feel stressed trying to figure out how to get your money back on a purchase gone astray. Fear not! Below we describe in detail how to return items to Walmart! There is a lot to cover so let’s get into it.

Walmart Return Policy Basics

These are the high-level return policies and most frequent questions for returning items to Walmart:

How long do I have to return items to Walmart?

Walmart gives its customers 90 days to return nearly all purchases made in its stores or online. While several items are considered exceptions to this rule (groceries, for example), the vast majority of purchases can be returned during this three-month window either by mail, in person, or through scheduled home pickups.

Do I need the original packaging to make a return?

Walmart does require that all returns must include the original manufacturer’s packaging. Consequently, they highly recommend that customers maintain said packaging for three months after the point of purchase.

Can I return items purchased on

Customers who make purchases through have the option to handle their returns either in person or through the mail.

What is the return policy for items purchased online at

Walmart’s return policy remains the same regardless of where the purchase was made. Customers have the option to make their returns in person at the store or through the mail within 90 days, assuming they have the original manufacturer’s packaging.

Can I make a return at Walmart without a receipt?

Walmart does allow customers to make a return even if they are no longer in possession of the original receipt. However, the rules are slightly different. Without a receipt, customers must:

  • Provide a valid, government-issued ID
  • Submit the item verification
  • Exchange the item(s)
  • Accept a cash refund on items up to or less than $10
  • Accept a gift card for items valued at more than $10

If you do not have a receipt the store may also be able to look up your order using the credit/debit card used when making the purchase in store. For online orders the store may be able to look up the order by the email or phone number used to place the order.

How long do Walmart returns take to process?

Returns can take up to five days to show up on your bank statement.

How will I be refunded for my return?

Returns are always processed in the original manner of payment—except in the case where that is not possible. For example, credit refunds are not an option in the case of returns that do not include receipts.

Does Walmart return sales tax on a purchase?

Traditionally, returns include a refund for sales taxes as well.

Do you have longer to make returns at Walmart if you have Walmart Plus?

While membership with Walmart Plus features a range of benefits including free shipping, discounts on gasoline at select fueling stations, and more, your window for return will not be increased.

Can I return damaged items or wrong items?

Walmart allows for the return of damaged or incorrect items online or at any store.

Can I return purchases from marketplace sellers?

Yes! The return window for electronics and luxury items purchased from marketplace sellers is 14 days and 30 days for all other items. Walmart asks that shoppers wishing to return an item bought on the Marketplace contact Customer Care for further instruction. You can also find more information about marketplace returns at this link

Can I return items by mail?

Walmart does allow for the return of purchases made online by mail. Click here for a direct look at their policy on mail-in returns.

What is Walmart’s return policy after 90 days?

Walmart’s stated policy is to allow returns only within a 90-day window. However, depending on the situation, store managers may have the discretion to issue refunds beyond that time frame.

What is Walmart’s holiday return policy?

Walmart has been known to extend its return window during the holiday season to make it easier to get refunds on gifts. But, the policy changes year to year, and the company offers no guarantees.

Can I request a return of bill payments or financial service fees at Walmart?

Walmart does provide a host of financial services at many of their locations. However, on their website, the company does not specify as to whether or not any of these fees are refundable. In our experience bill payments and the fees related to Walmart’s financial products are not usually refunded. Undamaged or unaltered money orders can be taken to your local store with the original receipt to obtain a refund.

Can I make pharmacy or optical returns at Walmart?

Previously, Walmart pharmacies and optical services have featured a return policy similar to that of the rest of the store. However, as of August 2020, the store is not currently able to process returns for these items.

Walmart Coupon Rollback

Item specific return policies at Walmart:

These are the specific return policies at Walmart for particular items:

Can I return books, music, movies, or video games at Walmart?

Yes! Books, music, movies, and video games all fall under the same return policy as any other item at Walmart.

Can I return electronics at Walmart (like TVs or laptops)?

Walmart allows for the return of most electrical devices that have been purchased within the last 30 days, assuming the customer is still in possession of the original packaging and has the receipt.

Can I return food to Walmart?

Walmart has accepted returns on food items in the past. However, in response to safety recommendations brought about by the Covid pandemic, the store has suspended returns on all grocery items.

Can I return gift cards purchased at Walmart?

Walmart does not provide refunds on gift cards.

Can I return plants to Walmart?

Not only can plants be returned to Walmart, but they feature a longer refund period than most other items. Live goods purchased at the superstore feature a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

Can equipment like generators and pressure washers be returned at Walmart?

Generators, power washers, and other pieces of heavy equipment can be returned at Walmart. However, the window of time shrinks to 30 days.

Can toys be returned at Walmart stores?

Toys fall within Walmart’s blanket policy that applies to the majority of its products. If you are not satisfied with your toy, you can bring it back within the three-month window. Of course, the company’s requirements still apply. Original packaging is required for all returns. You won’t have to have your original receipt on hand, but it may impact what sort of refund you receive.

Can I return jewelry and watches at Walmart, or items over $300?

Walmart does still allow for the return of jewelry, watches, and items costing more than $300. However, several new rules apply. In the case of watches and jewelry, exchanges may be made at the store where you made your purchase, assuming you still have the receipt.
However, for a refund, the return will need to be handled through the mail. In the case of items that cost more than $300, the company will not allow for in-person returns. These items must also be returned by mail. Customers should note that postage will be handled at the expense of the returner.

Can tires be returned to Walmart?

Tires can be returned at Walmart. However, there are unique conditions that apply. While you do not have to make the return at the store where you made your purchase, it will need to be handled at a location that has an auto center. Additionally, Walmart will not accept returns by mail, nor will they accept snow tires of any kind, tires that have been used, or tires that have been mounted. Also, note that tires cannot be returned via mail.

Can I return alcohol or tobacco products at Walmart?

Unopened tobacco and alcohol products can be returned at Walmart provided you have retained your receipt of purchase. Customers should be aware that returns of this kind can only be processed at the store where you made your original purchase.

Can I return sports memorabilia to Walmart?

Sports memorabilia can be returned at Walmart stores, but with several requisites that do not apply to every purchase. In the event of signed memorabilia, the company also requires users to maintain the certificate of authenticity.

Can I return large items such as treadmills, game tables, bikes, and air conditioners to Walmart?

Large items like treadmills and games can be returned in person, or by freight delivery. For in-person returns, the process is the same as any other Walmart refund. However, customers considering a freight delivery return should note that they may, in some circumstances, be charged for the costs of delivery. In all cases, freight returns must be handled through Walmart’s customer care portal.

Can I return recalled merchandise at Walmart?

Situations involving recalled products may vary from case to case. Walmart asks that customers wishing to return a recalled product visit a corresponding government page to get a sense of what needs to happen next.

How long do I have to return items from your Walmart gift registry?

Gift registry items feature the same return policy as any other. Most can be returned within Walmart’s 90-day window.

How do I return a gift?

Gifts can be returned or exchanged at Walmart using the same process as any other return.

Can I return items purchased with a gift card?

Yes! Items purchased via a gift card can be returned to Walmart under the store’s policy.

Can cosmetics be returned to Walmart?

Cosmetics can be returned to Walmart, assuming the product is unopened and in its original packaging.

What is Walmart’s furniture return policy?

Most furniture follows the store’s general policy and can be returned without hassle within 90 days.

What is Walmart’s mattress return policy?

For a full refund on mattresses, Walmart requires that the product still be unopened and in its original packaging.

Can I return paint to Walmart?

Walmart allows for the return of paint within a 90-day window, even if some of it has been used.

What is Walmart’s return policy for grocery items?

When it comes to grocery items, Walmart does not want customers to bring its food back into the store with them. The store will issue full refunds on items you were not satisfied with if you still have the receipt.

What is Walmart’s return policy for clothes, swimwear, and shoes?

Clothing, swimwear, and shoes have always been subject to Walmart’s standard policy for handling returns. However, right now, as part of the company’s pandemic response, they are not processing returns on apparel.

What is Walmart’s return policy for video games and game consoles?

Walmart does allow for the return of unopened video games and consoles for the first 90 days. Opened products may also be returned if they are defective. In this case, customers are eligible to receive a new copy of the same.

What is Walmart’s return policy for cell phones?

Walmart allows for the return of cell phones within two weeks of purchase, assuming the product is still in good condition. Accessories including SIM cards and prepaid minutes are not eligible for return.

What is Walmart’s return policy for car batteries?

Walmart does allow for the return of unused car batteries within 90 days of purchase.

Can I return clearance items to Walmart?

Walmart does allow for the return of clearance items. Original packaging is still required within a 30-day window.

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Can I cancel installation services from Walmart?

Walmart has a blanket policy for the cancellation of installation services that is actually more forgiving than many others. As long as you cancel the installation before work has begun, you will not be charged. In this case, refunds will not be necessary because the company does not actually apply installation charges until the service has already been rendered.

Can I return a Walmart product care plan?

If you return a product that was purchased directly from Walmart, the product care plan is automatically refunded along with it.
However, if you are wishing to return a plan that was purchased after August 2019, the refund will be handled via a prorated rate. In other words, you will get your refund, minus the benefits you have received from the service. In this case, customer care professionals may be able to explain the specifics of your refund.

Are there any items I cannot return at Walmart?

Walmart does reserve the right to reject returns on certain items. Walmart does not accept returns for intimate massagers, eDelivery software, video game download cards, or fulfilled PINS or minutes of prepaid cellular.
Funeral products also cannot be returned and refunds or replacements for funeral products will only be given for damaged or defective items. These products cannot be returned at Walmart stores. For assistance, contact Walmart customer care.
Walmart also does not return ammunition, pepper spray, firearms, airguns or BB guns. Other non-returnable items are gas-powered items such as ATV’s, go-karts and mini-bikes. All sales on those items are final.
For additional restrictions the company keeps an updated list of the items that aren’t able to be returned, which you can access online.

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We hope in those instances you need to make returns that they go smoother thanks to the Printable Coupons and deals Walmart return policy tips and summary. We do our best to make sure to update this post with any changes but always feel free to check Walmart for any new updates we might have missed.

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Post contains sponsored/affiliate links and I get commissions for purchases made from links.

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Walmart Coupon Policy (Updated for 2020)

Post contains sponsored/affiliate links and I get commissions for purchases made from links.

Walmart Coupon Policy: (Updated 2020)

When it comes to shopping at Walmart some people love it, while others only go if they have to. The Walmart Coupon Policy can be confusing for even the most seasoned Walmart Shopper. We spent many hours reading and studying Walmart Coupon Policy to make it easy for anyone to understand while maximizing their Walmart Savings each shopping trip. Most stores produce a weekly ad sales flyer, Walmart does not publish a regular weekly ad, run sales, or gift card deals. To maximize your savings at Walmart you simply combine Walmart Rollback/Sale items with an applicable coupon or coupon app. We even help you maximize your savings with the deals we post in our Walmart Deals section that abides by the Walmart Coupon Policy. If you need to make a return then make sure to also check out our Walmart Return Policy breakdown. Before you tackle couponing at Walmart make sure to review out Highlights of the Walmart Coupon Policy below to ensure bigger savings with a smooth checkout.

How to make your Shopping Trip a success while adhering to Walmart’s Coupon Policy!

  1. This tip is a MUST because unfortunately some cashiers aren’t up to speed on couponing and some are not, so having the policy on hand will make things go smoothly. If the cashier disagrees or is unsure, just politely ask for the Walmart Manager and they will be glad to assist. Print and carry the official Walmart coupon policy, and the Walmart price match guarantee with you when you shop at Walmart.
  2. Walmart will accept Printable Coupons, manufacturer coupons, competitor coupons, soft drink container caps, and checkout coupons (Catalinas).
  3. Walmart will not accept, checkout coupons for dollars or % off entire purchase, printable coupons that require no purchase (FREE), competitor coupons for dollars/cents off, item percent off, BOGO without a specific price and double or triple the value coupons.
    • Will Walmart accept a FREE item coupon that is not a printable coupon?
    • YES. The FREE item coupons, but it must have been mailed to you directly from the company or received from a newspaper or magazine.
    • Will Walmart accept a Buy One Get One Free item coupon that is not a printable coupon?
    • YES. The Buy One Get One Free item coupon, but it must have been mailed to you directly from the company or received from a newspaper or magazine. If it is a competitor coupon it must have a specified price.
    • Does Walmart accept coupons with a greater value than the price of the item?
    • YES. If you have a coupon for $4 off item A and item A only costs $3.00, Walmart will allow you to use the $1.00 to be applied toward the cost of your total purchase. (Meaning buy something else for $1.00 then it is all FREE! ) OR the excess $1.00 may be given to the customer as cash.
    • Does Walmart accept multiple coupons for one item?
    • NO. One coupon per item. If you buy five items you can use 5 coupons. Per transaction on a coupon means your entire purchase.
  4. The item isn’t the same price at my Walmart, Why is there a price difference between different Walmart stores?
    • Each Walmart store is required to manage and price its own inventory. Therefore, a store manager may lower a price to move excess stock of an item, offer in-store on Rollbacks (What Walmart calls sales) or offer Rollbacks to compete with other local stores sales ads.
  5. How does Walmart’s Price matching work? (Note Unfortunately come stores are phasing out Price Matching and only matching to . )
    • If you find a lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell your Checker and they’ll match it. NOTE: It is limited to one item per customer per day. They must be able to pull up the website and sale showing it current at the time of purchase. The item must be sold and fulfilled by one of these online retailers:
  6. Does Walmart issue rain checks?
    • YES. When an item on Rollback is out of stock at your Walmart store, go to checkout or customer service and upon your request, they will issue you a Rain Check to purchase the item at the advertised price when it comes back in stock. They may also sell you a similar item at the advertised price, or offer you a similar reduction in price.
  7. For those larger coupon trips a checker will need a supervisor if: (remember being nice goes a long way)
    • You are using 4 or more like coupons per transaction.
    • A coupon you are using is of $5 and over value.
    • When trying to use $50 or more in coupons in one transaction.
    • When trying to use Coupons totaling a percentage (%) off of the total sale.
  8. The last but best tip is to make sure to check out all of the Walmart deals that we post on As we make sure all our Walmart deals posts follow the Walmart Coupon Policy.

Happy shopping and saving at Walmart. We hope your shopping trip runs a little smoother thanks to the Printable Coupons and deals Walmart coupon policy tips and summary. We do our best to make sure to update this post with any changes but always feel free to check Walmart for any new updates we might have missed. If you need to make a return then make sure to also check out our Walmart Return Policy breakdown.

As always if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to respond quickly with an answer.

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Understanding Walmart Coupon Policies