BJ’s Wholesale Club Coupon Policy (Updated 2020)

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BJ’s Wholesale Club Coupon Policy (Updated 2020)

Do you shop at BJ’s Wholesale Club? When it comes to shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club, some people love it, while others only go if they have to. The BJ’s Wholesale Club Coupon Policy can be confusing for even the most seasoned BJ’s Shopper. We spent many hours reading and studying BJ’s Coupon Policy to make it easy for anyone to understand while maximizing their savings each shopping trip.  Before you tackle couponing at BJ’s Wholesale Club, make sure to review out Highlights of the BJ’s Wholesale Club Coupon Policy below to ensure bigger savings with a smooth checkout.

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Did you know that you can use coupons at BJ’s? Using coupons during your shopping trip at BJ’s stores is a great way to save even more money on your purchases. Here is what you need to know about BJ’s coupon policy

Helpful Tips To Make Your BJ’s Wholesale Club Shopping Successful With Coupons

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Does BJ’s accept coupons?
Yes. According to BJ’s Wholesale Club coupon policy, they do accept both manufacturer’s coupons and BJ’s coupons. All coupon guidelines and restrictions for redeeming the coupon will be enforced. BJ’s will only accept coupons for products that it carries. Mobile device coupons that have to be scanned will not be accepted. Buy One Get One Free offers are honored for items in stock at the store only and the maximum value of the coupon cannot exceed the retail price of the item. 

Does BJ’s accept manufacturer coupons?
Yes. BJ’s stores do accept manufacturer coupons. You can even use more than one manufacturer coupon on purchases of multi-pack items that could be resold such as peanut butter, orange juice, etc. 

Does BJ’s accept paper coupons?
During 2020, BJ”s did temporarily suspend acceptance of paper coupons due to worldwide health conditions. They have resumed taking paper coupons since, however this may be subject to change again at a later date. 

Does BJ’s have store coupons?
Yes, BJ’s does offer store coupons. There is one store coupon promotional offer allowed per item. BJ’s digital coupons and BJ’s paper coupons for the same offer on the purchase of the same single item are not permitted.

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What types of coupons does BJ’s accept?
BJ’s are happy to accept clipless coupons, digital coupons, paper coupons. Here are the details on each type of coupon when redeeming at BJ’s stores. You can find these in BJ’s Wholesale Club coupon policy.

  • Clipless coupons – BJ’s offers clipless coupons which are promotional offers that are applied to the item when it is scanned for purchase in their clubs or on These instant savings happen automatically at time of purchase. BJ’s may occasionally limit quantities on the number of clipless coupons applied. 
  • Digital Coupons – BJ’s also offers digital coupons, which are a promotional offer that you can redeem on or on the BJ’s mobile app. To redeem an offer, simply select, or “clip” the coupon to add it to your membership card. Look for some digital national coupons in the app’s coupon gallery or on BJ’s com. BJ’s does not accept online or digital coupons that are sourced from other places than BJ’s coupon gallery. When using BJ’s digital coupons you can redeem each digital coupon once per transaction. After use, the digital coupon will be reloaded in your member’s coupon gallery to use on your next transaction. Digital coupons have a maximum of 4 uses. 
  • Paper Coupons – BJ’s accepts 3 different type of paper coupons including national manufacturer coupons (like those from the newspaper), BJ’s Paper coupons which are those from BJ’s, and Basket Level coupons which are those coupons that are not tied to the purchase of a specific item, but instead reduces the total of purchase such as $10 off a purchase. 

     National manufacturer paper coupons cannot be combined with a manufacturer digital coupon that has the same offer. Multiple manufacturer paper coupons cannot be redeemed on a single BJ’s item purchased.

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Can you stack coupons at BJ’s?
Yes!  Per BJ’s Wholesale Club coupon policy, you can use both one BJ’s coupon as well as one manufacturer coupon on a single purchased item. When stacking coupons, the total dollar value of all of the coupons you redeem cannot exceed the purchase price of the item.
When stacking coupons at BJ’s, the national manufacturer’s coupon and BJ’s coupon cannot exceed the value of the item. There is no limit on how many BJ’s coupons that can be used on an individual item as long as each promotional offer is unique. 

Do you have to be a member at BJ’s to use coupons?
Both members and non-members can use coupons at BJ’s stores. The surcharge for non-members is a separate charge and does not affect the price of individual items purchased.
 Members of BJ’s can load the national digital coupons as well as BJ’s digital coupons onto their membership card via the mobile app or BJ’s website and also use paper BJ’s coupons and paper manufacturer coupons. Individuals who are not a member of BJ’s can use their manufacturer paper coupons BJ’s paper store coupons when shopping. 

Do you have to pay sales tax on purchases made with coupons at BJ’s?
Depending on the local and state laws, sales tax may be charged on the full purchase price of the item pre-coupons. 

Does BJ’s limit coupons?
BJ’s accepts one manufacturer and one digital coupon per item purchased. The value of the coupons cannot exceed the cost of the items. BJ’s does reserve the right to limit the coupons 

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Where can I find BJ’s in-store coupons?
Look for new coupons at the front entrance of BJ’s or the customer service desk. Combine these in-store coupons with your manufacturer coupons for maximum savings. 

Can you use BJ’s coupons when you order from Instacart?
No. You cannot use the booklet coupons or the BJ’s app coupons when you place your order through Instacart. However, there are BJ’s coupons in Instacart that you can clip when placing your order. These coupons may vary from the current BJ’s store coupons.

Does BJ’s accept expired coupons?
No. BJ’s will only accept coupons with valid and current dates.

What other ways can you save money at BJ’s? 

In addition to accepting coupons, as a BJ’s member, you can also receive savings on travel, cruises, vacations, car rentals, car purchases, home improvements, insurance, cell phone services and more.

Using coupons at BJ”s can be an easy way to save more money on your BJ”s purchases. Happy shopping and saving at BJ’s Wholesale Club.. We hope your shopping trip runs a little smoother thanks to the Printable Coupons and deals BJ’s Wholesale Club coupon policy tips and summary. We do our best to make sure to update this post with any changes but always feel free to check BJ’s for any new updates we might have missed.  A coupon friendly retailer, BJ”s does allow both store and manufacturer coupons to be used, and stacking coupons at BJ’s is also permitted. For more information on how to use coupons at BJ’s, visit the customer service counter at your local BJ’s store or visit their online coupon policy here