Viva Grab & Grasp Game ($.50 to $2 off six or more rolls)

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$2 off any 6 or more rolls of Viva Paper Towels Big Rolls
Ex. 14 days from print

This game is located on Facebook. It is a memory game where you turn over cards and try to find the match. You have to beat three levels to get the $2 coupon. This would not be to difficult accept the game shuffles the cards if you turn over a coupon  on your first guess and do not find its match.  If you accept a coupon of lesser value you can’t play anymore.  You can also share with your friends to get additional time if you run out.

Click here to play the game

Thanks to everyone who emailed about this game.  It took me several days to beat this game. I hope you have better luck.

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