$10 off HTH Swimming Pool Care Products

Posted on May 31st, 2011 by Steph

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PDF’s Ex. 06-30-11
They all print one one sheet of paper
Facebook Coupons-“Like” them and click on the coupons tab on the left. When you get to the coupon page click on print friendly version on the lower left. I had to use Firefox to get these coupons to show up.

$1.50 off any one of the following:
PH plus, PH minus, Calcium Plus, Alkalinity Plus

$6 off any one of the following:
Dual action 3′ Chlorinating Tablets (9.625 lb or 15.75 lb)
HTH 3-in-1 Chlorinating Skimmer Tablets (16.3 lb)
HTH Chlorinating Granules (16 lb)

$.50 off any one of the following:
1 lb bag of HTH Shock and Swim or HTH Super Shock and Swim


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