HEB Coupon Policy (Updated for 2020)

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HEB Coupon Policy (Updated for 2020)

HEB is one of my favorite grocery stores to shop at when in Texas as there stores are good and the deals are even better. We know the HEB Coupon Policy can be confusing for even the most avid HEB Shopper. We spent many hours reading and studying HEB Coupon Policy to make it easy for anyone to understand. We want you to shop at HEB and maximize your savings on every shopping trip whether its meal planning for the week or just prepping for lunch with the kids. Using coupons can help you save at HEB. To help you maximize your savings, here are the HEB coupon guidelines to help you get the most for your money on every shopping trip.

What coupons does H-E-B accept?

HEB does accept manufacturer coupons (including those featuring competitor logos that state they are manufacturer coupons), online printable coupons that have barcodes, digital coupons from the HEB website or mobile app, catalina machine coupons, direct mail coupons and HEB store coupons (usually yellow). HEB does also accept buy-one-get-one-free coupons (BOGO) printable coupons, however, free product printable coupons are not accepted per the HEB coupon policy.

HEB does require that all printable coupons obtained online feature a bar code, be legible, have a unique serial number and be able to scan. If printable coupons appear copied or altered, they will not be accepted. HEB will not accept coupons suspected of being counterfeit or copied.

HEB will only accept one coupon per purchased item. If a customer presents both a digital coupon and a paper coupon at check out for the same item, the cashier will apply the paper coupon to the purchase and return the digital coupon to the customer’s account. If you are purchasing multiples of the item, both discounts will apply as long as coupons do not exceed the number of items purchased. All coupons do need to be submitted to the cashier at the time of purchase before payment.

Coupons issued by HEB are not accepted on orders made through third parties.

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Can you get cashback with coupons at HEB?

Cashback on purchases made with coupons at HEB is not permitted per the HEB coupon policy. If an HEB coupon has a value in excess of the price of the item purchased, only the retail price of purchase will be applied. If a manufacturer coupon’s value is over the price of a purchased item, the overage will be applied to the remaining balance of the purchase.
H-E-B does not redeem coupons for cash. The customer is responsible for the payment of any sales tax on purchases made with or without coupons and sales tax may be charged on the item’s original price before coupons were applied.

How to get HEB email coupons:

HEB does offer exclusive coupons for their email club members and joining their email club also can help you stay up to date on their contests and sweepstakes, as well as to get cooking tips and recipes. New HEB club members also get special promotional offers just for registering. Join the HEB email club here to sign up for coupons.

How do you get HEB digital coupons?

HEB offers digital coupons and these coupons can be redeemed through the HEB mobile app or by entering your phone number and pin at checkout. New coupons are regularly added as different offers become available so be sure to check often for additional ways to save!

To get digital HEB coupons, visit heb.com/digitalcoupons or download the HEB mobile app to register. If you already have an online account with HEB, just log in using your email address and password to sign up. If you don’t have an HEB account, you can register for free. You will just need to provide a valid phone number and a four digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) to register.

When you register for HEB digital coupons, you will receive a text message to confirm your phone number. You do need to reply to this text in order to activate your HEB account for digital coupons.

HEB does not allow digital coupons to be used when shopping on the HEB mobile app or on the HEB website. Refer to your digital coupons for the guidelines on redemption for each individual coupon. Digital coupons from sources other than the HEB app or the HEB web page will not accepted.

HEB text offers are digital coupons and can be viewed and selected in your HEB account. To redeem these text offers at checkout, select the promotional offer and then enter your mobile phone number and PIN number at the checkout terminal.

Digital coupons used at H-E-B will be displayed on the monitor at the end of your checkout and will also be visible on your receipt. After they are redeemed on a purchase, digital coupons will be moved to your list of redeemed coupons. Once a digital coupon is used at HEB, it cannot be used again, even if the purchased item is returned.

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Does HEB accept expired coupons?

No, all coupons must have a valid start date and an expiration date. Expired coupons will not be accepted.

Does HEB accept competitor coupons?

HEB does accept competitor manufacturer coupons that feature competitor logos. To be accepted, the coupon must clearly state “Manufacturer’s Coupon”. Competitor store coupons that are not manufacturer coupons will not be accepted. HEB also will not accept coupons for items they do not carry in their stores (such as competitor store brands).

Does HEB allow coupon stacking?

Unfortunately, HEB does not allow stacking of coupons per the HEB coupon policy. Only one coupon per item is allowed. Piggybacking of coupons are allowed on Buy One Get One (BOGO) and you can use a cent-off coupon on the purchased item, but not the free item. You can also use a $ off your total basket coupon with an individual item coupon as long as you’ve met the requirements featured on both coupons.

Does HEB double offer double coupons?

No, HEB does not double or triple coupons.

Can you use coupons on HEBToYou curbside service?

Yes, you can use coupons on your HEBToYou purchases as long as all of the coupon’s requirements are met for your purchase. HEB does reserve the right to limit which coupons can be redeemed when using curbside HEBToYou purchases.

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HEB does reserve the right to reject any coupons or to limit quantities purchased. Any purchases using coupons do need to follow the guidelines and restrictions listed on the coupon or as specified by HEB stores. We hope your shopping trips are more enjoyable thanks to the Printable Coupons and Deals HEB coupon policy tips and summary. Printable Coupons and Deals will make sure to update this post with any changes that we are made aware of but always feel free to check HEB for any new updates we might have missed. If you want to you can check for yourself here.

We love to hear from our readers if you have any questions about HEB or their coupon policy feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to respond quickly with an answer.

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