Save Money & Time – Over 20 Foods you can Freeze!

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20 foods you can freeze

Sometimes picking up things in season on sale is great but I hate it when I have to pay high prices for corn out of season or fruits out of season. I love a good deal, that’s why I use coupons (Click Here for Printable Coupons). Well I found a way to have some of those great fruits veggies and other foods out of season by freezing them when they are on sale. Here is my list to Save Money & Time – Over 20 Foods you can Freeze.

Fresh Fruit

Freeze Fruit (Strawberries, Grapes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Black Berries, Apples) – Fruit freezes great as long as you do it right. The best way I have found is to first “flash” freeze the fruit on Parchment paper or a cookie sheet. Then Place those in Ziploc bags, this way you can pull out the whole bag or just a few pieces.


Freeze Diced Vegetables – Dice up those onions, bell pepers, or Chili’s then freeze them in a freezer bag. I do this for onions and love it because I don’t have to cry every time I need an onion as they are already diced and ready for me in the freeze. Make sure when do freeze them in freezer bag to lay it flat otherwise you will have one big veggie ice block.


Freeze Marinated Meat – Who doesn’t love a good marinated steak, but then you have to remember to actually marinate it. What I love to do is when on sale buy a bulk pack of steaks then use freezer bags to put the marinade and 3 steaks (enough for my family) then let them freeze. Usually I get a few bags of steaks ready to go. Just defrost and cook.

ground beef

Freeze Hamburger Meat – I did this just last week. I two large (6lb) packages of ground beef. Seasoned lightly (just a little salt and pepper) and cooked to our liking, then portioned it out in 1 pound and 2 pound bags. This way next time I want to make tacos or sloppy joes, it is done in minutes not an hour.

Freeze Yogurt – I love this because it serves two purposes. First you can stock up when it is cheap as well as make a cool posicle treat for your kids by sticking a popsicle stick into a few of the yogurts before freezing! This one is easy just buy the yogurt cups on sale and stick the ones you aren’t going to eat quickly in the freezer and allow them to freeze then take them out as you need them.


Freeze Lemon/Lime Juice – Have that bag of lemons that you only needed two for a recipe. No more letting the rest go bad. Squeeze out the juice into Ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen pop them out and put them into a freezer bag. Next time you need lemon/lime juice take a cube out.

oroweat-whole-wheat-bread Printable Coupon
Freeze Bread – We do this all the time. Stock up on 8 loaves of bread when its on sale leave one out and freeze the other seven. (Keep in mind for our whole family to have sandwiches we need 12 slices so a loaf doesn’t last long ). I don’t do anything special to the bread I just freeze it in the package it comes in.

Simply Orange
Freeze Juice (Orange, Grape, Apple etc..) – My kids love juice so when I can stock up for cheap (think under $1.00 for the big jugs) I do it. Usually what I will do is open then juice and pour out about a half cup to a cup and drink it, then put lid back on and put it in the freezer to freezer.
Freeze Stock or Broth – I am guilty of this, buying the bigger broth than what I need because it’s a better deal. Great news is I freeze any of the extras that I don’t think I will use in the next few days. I pour it into an appropriate sized freezer bag let it freeze, I sometimes use several smaller ones unless I think I will need a lot at once.


Freeze Cookie Dough – I have to admit I have a sweet tooth and I always prefer homemade cookies over store bought. Good news is that means the cookies are cheaper, bad news is if I make full batches I have cookies calling my name for the next day. You have two options. One you can bake all the cookies then just freeze the ones you don’t eat in a Ziploc bag. Two I make the cookie dough, make enough for family to eat that day, then scoop out onto a cookie sheet my cookie balls and flash freeze. I put them all in Ziploc bag then anytime want a fresh baked cookie warm the oven and cook a few cookies.


Freeze Corn – Nothing beats the taste of fresh sweet corn! I love to stock up when it goes on sale. This one is easy to freeze with husk on and all just put them in the freeze the husk helps to insulate the corn. When you want to eat the corn take it out of the freeze let it thaw then cook to your liking.


Freeze Pancakes and Waffles – Ours kids enjoy waffles and pancakes but making them fresh every morning isn’t going to happen. My solution is to make large batches at a time and then freeze what we don’t eat. Just put what you don’t eat into a Ziploc freezer bag (make sure they are cooled, if you throw them together hot or warm they will stick together). Then you or your kids can pull out the waffles or pancakes as they want then and just warm them up in toaster or microwave.

I am sure there are a few things I have missed that you can freeze. But this list of over 20 foods you can freeze should keep you busy Saving time and money.

What do you Freeze?