Things You Should Never Buy from Costco

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Never Buy from Costco

Things You Should Never Buy from Costco

Warehouse stores like Costco are wonderful places to shop but only for certain things. Costco members are often enticed into buying things at their local store that may not be quite as good of a bargain as they think. You have to do your homework and know what things cost elsewhere. Plus be realistic in some of your purchases as some things you should never buy from Costco. This will vary some depending on your family size as well. Here are some of the things you should be wary of buying at Costco as you may be spending more money than you think, or losing it in the long run.

Is Produce A Good Choice?

Produce is one of those things that you may be able to get a good deal on at Costco but will you really use it up before it goes bad? It’s estimated that 25% of the produce we buy goes bad and gets trashed before eaten. You may get a fantastic price on a huge bag of avocados but will they get used? Being able to choose the amount of produce you need may be a wiser choice. You should never buy bulk produce from Costco if it is just going to go in the trash.

Paper Products

Not all paper products at Costco are the bargain you think they are when compared to the quality of other brands. Kirkland toilet paper and tissue may be cheaper when bought in bulk but the quality can be less than desirable.  Consumer Reports says that both Kirkland toilet paper and facial tissue is quite soft but doesn’t hold up as well as comparable products. If you don’t mind cheap toilet paper quality these may work for you but if you want paper products that hold up and doesn’t tear easily then buy these items elsewhere. Test them for yourself then decide if you should never buy toilet paper from Costco.

Personal Care Items

Toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant is one of the things you should never buy from Costco. Savvy coupon shoppers will realize pretty quickly that sales and coupon deals will reap a much better deal than bulk personal care items at Costco. Things like toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant are typically a much better deal at local grocery stores or even Walmart. Serious couponers can stock up on these items for pennies. Check here each week for all the Free items you can get at Walmart and CVS.

Buy from Costco

Cleaning Products May Not Hold Up

Kirkland’s liquid dish detergent did not hold up to getting dishes clean in the Consumer Reports test. But if you use dishwasher pacs Kirkland’s brand did an excellent job. Detergent is another thing that may not be a great deal unless you have a large family and go through it quickly. Who knew laundry soap could lose its cleaning power? But it can once opened. Again, laundry soap and laundry detergent is something couponers can get cheap when they shop local sales and use their coupons. Check out the latest Laundry Coupons Here.

Diapers for Baby

If you buy your diapers in bulk at Costco you might want to reconsider. Target and Walmart are actually a bit cheaper when on sale. Amazon Family gets you great deals on diapers and other baby products when you sign up, plus they are shipped to your door. Another great place to get diapers is drugstores when they have sales and rewards when you buy diapers. This is true when you stack coupons for diapers.

Soda & Canned Goods

Soda is one of the things you should never buy from Costco. Target and Walmart are cheaper and when you watch seasonal sales you can stock up on soda at fantastic prices. Keep in mind soda does lose its fizziness after a while. Canned goods are also cheaper at your local grocery stores when there is a good sale. For some folks, the convenience of buying in bulk may outweigh the small price difference but for savvy shoppers, it may be worth the extra trip. For Soda & Canned goods this will also depend on your family size and if you will use them before they go bad.

Never Buy from Costco Spices

Spices & Condiments

There is no denying the large bottles of spices are much cheaper at Costco than the small ones but if you don’t use them within six to nine months you are wasting money. Spices can lose their potency at around six to nine months. Unless you go through a lot of a particular spice, go for the smaller bottle or get a friend to go in with you. Some condiments like mayo and steak sauce have a long life once opened but others, such as ketchup, don’t. Consider smaller bottles of ketchup and watch for seasonal sales to get good deals.


Costco does have some fantastic prices on clothing but if you are wondering why it’s because it is made specifically for them. Their brand of clothing or clothing made for them by name brands can be inferior to clothing bought elsewhere. It doesn’t hold up or feel as nice as clothing sold in other stores. Make sure to check the quality of it to ensure you are getting a good value, sometimes it is a great value, but make sure to check thr product and don’t go just off the price. This isn’t one of those things you should never buy from Costco, but should evaluate on case by case basis.

Books & DVDs

Books & DVDs is one of the things you should never buy from Costco. Bookstores and Amazon are going to have a much greater selection of books then Costco. Amazon has better prices on books and DVDs then Costco. Costco’s is often overpriced when compared to Amazon and other stores so spend your money on something else there. Or at least put your amazon app to use and compare prices while in store. Not often but there are a few times I find a book for the same as Amazon so I pick it up.


Really do your research before buying electronics at Costco. Stores such as Best Buy will often have much better deals, especially during the holidays. When it comes to TVs I encourage you to do your research and compare. I have bought a TV at Costco but that was only after I figured out it was truly the best deal. It will depend if Costco is having a special rebate or what other stores have on sale. Comparison shopping is a must if you are in the market for any type of electronic items.

A Few More Things To Avoid

While Costco can be a great place to shop here are a few more things you never buy at Costco, Unless you are a large family. Eggs in bulk may not get used up in time. Cooking oil is will go rancid with a few months so unless you use a lot of it skip that. Protein bars in bulk can seem great but Amazon is cheaper unless Costco is running an instant rebate on the item.

Avoid Buying from Costco

Know What You Are Buying

For thing you should never buy at Costco, the bottom line is this – understand what is a great deal at Costco and what isn’t. Bulk buying can save you money when done right but it isn’t always better or cheaper. For those of us using coupons and shopping the deals each week, we can find hot deals on many items that will be much cheaper than Costco’s bulk prices.  In the end, compare your prices but most importantly if you won’t use that bulk item before it goes bad or expires it is a waste of money and we want you to avoid that.