40 Baby Freebies Every New Parent Needs To Know

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Are you currently pregnant or have a newborn baby at home? There are dozens of baby freebies and sample programs available online for new and expecting parents! Trying out samples and and baby freebies is such a fun way to discover all the baby brands out there, and pick your favorite ones. That said, it can be really time consuming to search for all these individual offers (and who has time for that with a baby!). So to make your life easier, we’ve compiled a huge list of baby freebies that are completely FREE (and those you can score paying only shipping fees).

1.Formula Freebies

Babies tend to be very picky when it comes to formula and many only like a certain kind.  Formula baby freebies are the perfect way to give a few brands a try before you settle on the formula you like. Then take advantage of coupons to stock up on a few tubs at a time.

  • Enfamil: Join Enfamil Family Beginnings and get up to $400 in gifts* and a chance to win free formula for a year! You’ll get free samples of Enfamil Newborn Infant Formula, Enfamil Infant Formula, Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Formula, and Enfamil Newborn 2 fl. oz. Nursette Bottles. You will also receive belly badges, formula checks, expert tips, and special offers.
  • Similac: Join Similac Strong Moms to receive a bag full of baby freebies including several formula samples, lots of coupons and nutrition guides.
  • Nature’s One: Nature’s One offers a free baby formula sample to anyone registered on the site (but you have to pay for shipping fees). Visit the products page and click the Try It For Free button. The sample you will receive will be full size.

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2. Baby Registry Boxes and Gift Boxes

  • buybuyBABY: Create a Baby Registry at buybuyBABY and you will receive a box full of free goodies and coupons.
  • Target: Create a Target Baby Registry and you will get a box full of FREE Samples (diapers, bottle, pacifier and more) and $50 worth coupons.
  • Amazon: Create an Amazon Baby Registry (Don’t forget to add at least one item to your registry after creating it) and get a Free Baby Welcome Box! (valued at $35) Go here to learn step by step how to claim yours.
  • Baby Box University: Get a Free Box of Baby Freebies from Baby Box University (you may have to drive to pick it up)
  • Baby List: Get a Free Baby Box from Baby List when you create a registry (you pay for shipping fee)
  • Sign up for the Everyday Mom Sampling Club. Receive a new box of samples every month as part of this exclusive program.
  • Walmart baby box: I signed up for the Walmart Baby Box, which is a 4x per year subscription box that costs just $5 per box in shipping charges.

Baby Items


3. Diaper Freebies

One of the most useful baby freebies since you will use SO MANY! Here are a few companies that offer diapers and wipes samples and rewards programs: All you need to do is register with these diaper companies to receive free samples and coupons. Some of them will ask you to scan your receipts whenever you purchase diapers so you can redeem rewards for gift cards later.

Here are all the brands you should register with:

Baby diapers

3. Baby Book Freebies

Baby books are educational and useful so I love this baby freebie. Though it is worth noting that these are not truly free – you either need to pay for shipping, or to sign up for a subscription membership (that you can then cancel after the first month).

  • Free Board Books from Babsy: Get 5 board books with promo code GET5FREEBOOKS to drop the price to $0 and pay for shipping only.
  • Free Baby Einstein Books : Get 4 baby Einstein story books for $5.95. If you don’t want to continue you can cancel your subscription after the first month.
  • Free Dr Seuss Books: Get 4 Dr Seuss books for $5.99. If you don’t want to continue you can cancel your subscription after the first month.
  • Free Disney Books: Get 4 Disney story books for $4.96 + a Free Disney activity book and Free Disney stickers
  • Free Elmo and Friends Books: Get 3 Elmo and Friends learning kits for $5.95. The package contains 3 Hardcover Story books, 3 Activity Books, 18 Learning Cards.
  • Free first two books in the I Can Read! Book Club: Just pay $1.00 for shipping and handling.
  • Free Books from Imagination Library: If you live in a participating community, you are eligible to sign up to receive one free book per month from birth to age five.
  • Amazon Free Books: Amazon has a ton of free kids’ books available for free on Kindle included with Prime. You will need an iPad to read them.

baby books


4. Baby Product Freebies (Just Pay Shipping)

  • Free Car Seat Canopy: Use coupon code “FREECANOPY1” at CarseatCanopy.com to get a $49.95 carseat cover for $0.00, plus $14.99 shipping
  • Free Baby Leggings: Use Code ENBABY to get 5 Free Pairs of Baby Leggings ($50 worth)
  • Free Breast Pads: Get 10 Free ($35 worth) Breast Pads – Use Code SHOPHER1
  • Free Nursing Cover : Use Code ENBABY to get a free high quality nursing cover from Udder Covers.
  • Free Baby Sling: Use code FREESLING4ME to get the $39.95 baby sling for free from SevenBaby.com. Just cover the shipping cost of $12.99. Sling is good quality and fits babies up to 35lbs.
  • Free Nursing Pillow: Use code GIVEME1FREE at NursingPillow.com. This pillow is valued at $39.95 and you just cover the shipping fees.
  • Free Infant Hooded Towel from Hooded Towels, use coupon code SIXDOLLARFAM1. Just pay for shipping.
  • Free Blankie Bear from LittleFans.com: Use code 1FRUGALBABY and Just pay for shipping.
  • Free Baby Tennis Shoes from LittleWanderers: Get 2 Free Pairs of baby shoes with code 1FRUGALBABY. Just pay for shipping.
  • Free Baby Moccasins from Littlenatural
  • Free Baby Bibs: Get 5 Free Bandana Baby Bibs that are both the shape of a bandana and come in a variety of cute patterns. Use promo code 1FRUGALBABY at Baby Leggings. Just pay for shipping.
  • FREE Baby Football Bibs Gift Set from your favorite team from LittleFans.com (The FREE set includes a Bib, Pacifier and Bottle): Use promo code: 1FRUGALBABY. Just pay for shipping.
  • FREE Eskimo Kids Hat from Eskimo Kids – Add an eskimo Hat to your shopping cart and get a $35 credit when you use promo code FREEBIES4BABY. Just pay for shipping.
  • Free Ruffle Buns –Get 3 FREE Ruffle Buns when you use promo code: FREEBIES4BABY. You get a $60 credit and choose 3 Ruffle Buns. Just pay for shipping.
  • Free Baby Onesies: Use code: FREEBIES4BABY at checkout for a $50 credit.

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Do you know of any more baby freebies for new parents? Add them in the comments so we can complete the list!

40 Baby Freebies Every Expecting Parent Should Know