Meda Consumer HealthCare: $2/1 Vivarin 40 Count, $1/1 Contac Cold & Flu, $2/1 Balneol, $1/1 Feosol, & $1/1 Geritol Product

Posted on January 4th, 2013 by Steph

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Gone for now

PDF (Ex. 12-31-14) (The coupons are all on one page)(If you only need  a specific coupon, go to the individual websites and that coupon will be first on the page. In other words, go to the Geritol website if you want the Geritol coupon to print first.

$2 off one Vivarin 40 Count
$1 off one Contac Cold & Flu
$2 off one Balneol Product
$1 off one Feosol Product
$1 off one Geritol Product

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The coupons have the new bar code.